Today the poll has closed, and so has the BIG results.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mr. Popular

Here are the results of the latest poll.
And, it’s official. I am the greatest villain in the world!

(Bwa ha ha ha ha!)

And I didn’t even have to hack the results.


Binary Bard 9348 (44%)
The Great Booga 3589 (16%)
Director D 2647 (12%)
Dr. Hare 1627 (7%)
Betty Jetty 1282 (6%)
Copy Cat 907 (4%)
Speeding Spike 691 (3%)
Sir Rebral 423 (2%)
Crusher 381 (1%)
Ratman 229 (1%)
Total Votes 21124 (100%)

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Hi I’m a new member on Sonic’s Blog. My name is Popular Thunder. You may Know me from Prickly Paw’s Blog and My own Blog. I hope you like me.

himee's Poptropican Update by sonic:please welcome one of my friends to this blog.


Hey poptropicans! Guess what? Emotioloons and Torch is out now! Sorry i could not take pics. My dad says i could not save on this computer. Please scrapsdraw take pics.

if you need me i will be like this on Poptropica, CP and webosaurs:


Today we get a little glimpse on the webosaurs blog.

Hey Gang!
Everybody has a special day, and we want to make sure everyone gets a special birthday wish. So, tell me… When is YOUR birthday, Webosaur? Send it in the comments below so we can wish you all a super happy birthday!!

Tammy :)

Please visit because that wasn’t me. My name on webosaurs is waco. Cheers!

Now we will be doing game info about webosaurs and Club Penguin so all players of the three games, please come to this blog(wow there will be loades of work).