HELP WANTED! This blog might have started the 23rd of august, 2009, but we need help. plese comment here if you want a job as a aouther , contributer, or editor.We only have one more spot for an administrator so ACT NOW!!!

The spots for admins is now filled! We now have 5. So get your job for contributor, editor or author.


19 Responses to “Help Wanted”

  1. Fearless Hero Says:

    i would like to help!

  2. sonicrider Says:

    please help this blog become a reality.

    1. Speedy fly Says:

      Hey dude I know you didn’t ask for this but I can do the graphics.I’m a graphics whiz!

      1. Speedy fly Says:

        No wait scratch that, I’ll start making a header And I’ll-No wait scratch THAT and I’ll post an image of it on my blog you can save it and insert it on you r blog. Link-

      2. popularthunder Says:

        So you don’t wanna join awwwwww! C’mon my username is himee ok make it!

      3. popularthunder Says:


      4. popularthunder Says:

        Plz join your graphics were awesome make an wordpress account! heres my blog

      5. popularthunder Says:

        You don’t wanna do it man!

  3. scrapsdraw Says:

    Can i be adminn i can help with poptropica and i can add fantage to make it even more popular i can make you a header too!

    1. sonicrider Says:

      OK. Your hired!

  4. sonicrider1 Says:

    Anyone else want to have a job here?

  5. popularthunder Says:

    i wanna join

  6. popularthunder Says:

    i wanna be an admin

  7. fireball303 Says:

    mesa! please i’am your friend

    1. popularthunder Says:


  8. scrapsdraw Says:

    Who changed the theme? I made it and and who ever changed it is in big trouble unless it was sonic!

    1. popularthunder Says:

      He did LOL!

    2. sonicrider Says:

      I did draw. heehee.

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