this is another blog for poptropica help news tips and tricks for poptropica.

About the staff:

sonicrider:i am a normal poptropican who is looking for more adventures.

BEWARE:im a master on sky dive and will defeate you. im a boy who lives in the USA and im a twin of the real Muddy Dragon.


8 Responses to “About”

  1. Abram Says:

    Hi I was wondering if u could add my blog to your blogroll. We will add u to ours.

    1. Abram Says:

      BTW im preety good at sky dive to

    2. popularthunder Says:

      I’ll do it so add me

      1. metsfan21 Says:

        Hi,I’m metsfan21,the administrator of the first blog Abram joined. I’ll add you right away! Also, I’m having a Multiverse Party tommorow! All are welcome! Heres the link for the party info. The code will be posted at 7:45 EST:
        Popular Thunder: I added him!

  2. Abram Says:

    ok give me your info. here’s our’s

    Name: the Poptropican Info Blog
    Staff:Metsfan21,Abram,Speedy Fly

  3. Abram Says:

    hey what happened u guys fired me

    1. sonicrider Says:

      Really? Let me check.

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