I had come to create this post! Here comes the mask train and hazmat in it!

Ok, first up, the leak of the bionicle mask! I dont know what happened, but all the pop stars got the “mata nui” mask! I think its a leak from an ad coming up.

maskNext is the second apperance of the sad hazmat hermit! He just came when cool wing created a multiverse room. The code was AYB45.

hazmatHe showed this emotion with the baloons from the store. Now last but not least is the ALL NEW ROBIN HOOD! But heres the twist, you can change its colors! Unlike all the other LE costumes, you can change it.

robinhoodLNWell now the PHB just found out 4 creator identities!

Jeff kinney is Comic Kid

Jordan Leary is Dr. Hare

Shark Boy is Nate Greenwall

Hazmat Hermit is Justin Lacy

Info taken from the PHB

Well thats all for today folks! Until then, Sonyanara!